“Any horse has the right to feel free!”

Jack Meagher



Welcome at the website of the Jack Meagher Institute (JMI) Europe.


JMI Europe is the institute for certified (sports massage) therapists, with a keen eye and incisive feeling for horses. For people who want to increase their knowledge or learn the profession of sports massage for horses through the Jack Meagher Method.

The Jack Meagher Method has proven to be extremely accurate and successful to prevent and treat muscle problems of humans, horses and dogs.




“If you know you’re good, but want to be the best!”

Melissa Monster



JMI Europe was founded by Melissa Monster-van Golverdingen and is based in The Netherlands.

The primair goal of JMI Europe is to share knowledge and thereby help as many horses, dogs and humans as possible, to get rid of their (chronic) complaints though stress point therapy. Currently, we are working hard to provide official accreditations.

Sports massage therapist train to become the best therapists in the world, that is where the institute stands for. For people who know that they are good, for which good is not good enough.


JMI Europe works closely with JMI America, where you can also follow the program to become Jack Meagher Sports Therapist. JMI America is headed by Robert Altman since 1999.


About Robert Altman

Unfortunately we received the message that Robert Altman had passed away. Robert was the director of JMI America. Robert was active as sports therapist over 40 years and has worked closely with Jack Meagher. Robert had expressed his pride that his work will be proceeded by JMI Europe. Melissa has worked a lot with Robert in Europe and the United States. He was a great teacher and source of inspiration.


Here you can read the letter of Robert: Endorsement letter JMI USA of Robert Altman


About Jack Meagher

The founder of equine sports massage is Jack Meagher. After years of working as sports therapist for human, he applied his knowledge at horses. With his proprietary stress-point method (based at deep pressure and compressions) he treated and coached lots of top athletes, national and international teams and the US Equestrian team. Meanwhile, Jack Meagher is deceased, but his method is continued with pride.



About Melissa Monster-van Golverdingen

Besides her work with horses, Melissa has been active in business as well. In addition to her bachelor study in Management, she delved into the musculature and biomechanics of horses. Currently, she runs together with Monique Brinkmann, a practice for sports horses named BG Sportpaardenpraktijk. In this practice it is all about injury prevention and improving performance. More information you can find at the website: www.sportpaardenpraktijk.nl.


100% Freedom of Motion for each (sports) horse, is which she aspires. Besides, increasing the muscle capacity (in a fair way) and prevent muscles problems is her biggest mission in the equestrian sports.


Melissa gives lectures about the JM method, as well as advanced courses about muscles and physiology and training, she writes blog and articles at regular base.







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JM Therapy

JMI offers several educations, click in the menu below for the course you like.


Jack Meagher Sports therapist

Master Class

Weekend course


This is the official program to become Jack Meagher Sports Therapist


This program consists of two parts:

  •  Year 1 – 5 day course
  •  Year 2-  2-days course

Classification of the course


Year 1: 5-days course

This course consists of theory and practice. During these days you will learn how to treat horses via the Jack Meagher Method.  After this course you can directly work at horses as a professional and it is important that you treat as many horses as possible.


The following issues are addressed:

  • Theory:   Anatomy of the horse
  • Practice:  How the treat via the JMM
  • Practice:  Movement analyses of the horse

At the same time, various external professionals will give lectures, which endures half a day. These lectures will be muscle-related, although the approaches are different.

Year 2: 2-days course

During this course, your working method will be analyzed and greater depth is created in the field of working effectively and analysis of movements and effect of the rider.

After achieving a sufficient result for both courses, you are officially JMI Sports Therapist.


Costs and payments

At registration, we ask you to pay 25% of the amount in advance. The registration is final when the initial deposit is paid. The remaining 75% of the tuition must be paid within 4 weeks after the start of the course. At deregistration within two months before the start of the course, the full amount will be charged or you need to arrange a replacement. Costs of the full education can be requested per email: info@jackmeagherinstitute.eu.


The courses are available in Dutch and English. You can check the agenda for an overview.


Admission requirements

Before you can participate in this course, you must be a certified sports massage therapist or at least equivalent therapist.



The course mainly takes place in the Netherlands, Chaam (NB). The practical parts of the course takes place at various locations within the Netherlands.

It is possible to organize a training in your own country or at your own location, please ask for the possibilities.



At the first day of the course, you will receive a free workbook “Freedom of Motion, the Jack Meagher Method”.


Compulsory reading:

Beating Muscle Injuries – Jack Meagher

This book can be purchased via JMI Europe at the first day of the course

For more information, you can request the digital brochure without any obligations by email: info@jackmeagherinstitute




Have you been working as Jack Meagher Therapist and do you need a refresher and/or more depth in sports massage? In that case, this course will possibly be suitable for you.


Classification of the course

This course lasts three days and mainly consists of practice. Analysis of the horse in walk, trot, canter followed by a treatment.


In this Masterclass, there is a possibility that Robert Altman will be invited. Robert will transfer the vision of Jack and monitor the executed method on its effectiveness. Melissa will also give a lecture/workshop on increasing muscle capacity and determining of the proper training load.



The course mainly takes place in the Netherlands, Chaam (NB). The practical parts of the course takes place at various locations within the Netherlands.


Preliminary training and admission

Exclusively intended for already certified JMI therapists.


Costs and payments

The course fees of the Masterclass can be requested by email.

After the Masterclass, you’ll receive a JMI Europe certificate of Masterclass.


Masterclasses, in samenwerking met Robert Altman, directeur JMI America.


This is course is mainly focussed at the movements of horses, together with exercise physiology.

This course is designed for instructors and/or riders, who wants to gain insight in movement restrictions and (exercise) physiology of the horse and apply this knowledge in order to improve their teaching performance.


Classification of the course

This course lasts 2 days and will be given on Saturday and Sunday.


The following topics will be discussed:

 * Basic knowledge of the most important muscles (especially the main movements muscles)/ biomechanics, thus which muscles are responsible for which motions;


* Basic physiology, how does a muscle work and what does a muscle need to increase, or what causes muscle decrease;


* Palpation of the horse, which teaches you to feel blockades and problems based on what you feel;

* Motion analysis, learn how to observe the motion of the horse and what these particular motions mean.



The theory part of the course mainly takes place in the Netherlands, Chaam (NB). The practical parts of the course takes place at various locations within the Netherlands.


Costs and payments

The course fees of the Masterclass can be requested by email: info@jackmeagherinstitute.eu



At this moment no education programs are planned.




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Melissa Monster-van Golverdingen


The Netherlands

M: +31 6-47316702

E:   info@jackmeagherinstitute.eu

Melissa stands open for collaboration with other European animal related education programs, to teach  more about the equine body to the youth and/or trainers etc.

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