Muscles move  the body by pulling on the bones. When you want to move, your brain sends signals to these muscles and tells them to adjust the position of your underlying skeleton. Despite this ago-old information, muscular pain is often overlooked when it comes to  pain symptoms of the horse’s musculoskeletal  system. A stresspoint (or myofascial triggerpoint) is a painful pressure point, which has a size of only a few millimeters. Due to lack of diagnostic marks and ignorance regarding the consequences of triggerpoints, little is known and confirmed by scientific research when it comes to muscle problems and triggerpoint therapy.

Fortunately, we ascertained a lot of developments in recent years  and with the emergence of dry-needling (for horses also!), more and more attention is paid to these annoying causers of motion problems.



What are stresspoints?

According to Jack Meagher, a stresspoint is a highly painful pressure point, in most cases only sensitive when touched and one of the causes of referred pain. At this point, there are adhesions of the fiber noticeable which induces the change of muscle function. These changes are generally visible in muscle shortening or decreased muscle capacity. When applied to the horse’s musculoskeletal system, one can obviously observe a change in bending possibility ? For more information about signals or dysfunctionalities which are presumably caused by stresspoints, I would like to refer to our BG Sportpaardenpraktijk.


The treatment of stresspoints

Jack Meagher is the founder of the treatment of stresspoints, both humane and horses. His method is based on the approach of triggerpoints with adequate force, in combination with compression and cross fiber techniques. A competent Jack Meagher Massage Therapist is able to apply the right amount of pressure on exactly the right spot. In this way, the discomfort of the horse is restricted and the best possible result can be achieved.  When you approach the right triggerpoints  at the right way, you will see that the self-healing ability of the body is immense and helps you directly in the process. Massage can’t be seen as an isolated treatment,  proper training and training intensity plays an important role as well. Muscles need to be trained and maintained! Strong and relaxed muscles are the key to injury prevention and thus to success.


Experience yourself?

Because of lack of time, I hardly treat humane patients. However, if you want to experience a triggerpoint and triggerpoint manipulation by yourself, do not hesitate to contact me. The treatment can easily be done at the barn and I am keen to let you experience my approach.


Striated muscles exists of different muscle bundles. These bundles exist again of a group of muscle vibers.

Stresspoints arise at different points of the body, but most likely close to the transition of bone to muscle (tendons).



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